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    Easy and chic is the philosophy of the brand Fracomina, to make feel comfortable on all occasions. Fracomina collections are the rightchoice for those women who want to “feel good” in every situation, every day, at work as well as during their free time. A brand designed for women who are looking for trendy fashion creations conceived based on the trends of the season, but always at a fair price.

    Fracomina is the right choice for all consumer who wish to enhance their body and, at the same time, feelcomfortable, to create an indissoluble bond with the brand.

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    Fracomina is all about women, it is a brand designed by women for women, with a strong focus on aesthetic but also on ethical choices. Social commitment and responsibility are its main distinctive features.

    All women who choose Fracomina take care of themselves and the universe around them. Fracomina recognizes the value of childhood and supports it. Fracomina loves the planet and protects it.

Fracomina Brand