• These are the main objectives for the future of the group:

  • 1

    With the ever-increasing turnover, PFCMNA is in the process of constructing new Headquarters. 15,000 square metres of modernity and functionality on the outskirts of the industrial centre of Nola. The impressive venue will be developed over three floors, and will consist of contemporary elements such as steel and tempered glass. The space, although it has “cold” materials, will be welcoming and stimulating, in order to meet the needs of all departments, from the main logistics platform, to the commercial and administrative offices, and finally the creative departments.

  • 2

    Increase dissemination and recognition at the international level through the expansion into new markets, leveraging on developing the distribution network and customer service.


  • 3

    Accelerate the development of retail.

  • 4

    Continue to invest in people, the beating heart of a “group” of which 50% is women and which has an average age of 28 years. Distribution and customer service network.