Scent of Summer

A light gust of warm wind, a sirocco that caresses the soul of Yuliya, a strong, secure woman, and the silhouettes of the garments she wears, made of extra-fine fabrics that reflect a vibrant summer rich with promise.


Long jacket with belt

Long jacket with two lines of buttons on the chest and side pockets with placket, in vertically striped light fabric with light colors. The piece has an elegant burgundy belt at the waist that make it more wearable and gives a touch of color. Thanks to its classic and formal style, this jacket is perfect to combine with the matching trousers and a light shirt.

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It’s Morocco, so beautiful!, with its cargo of colors and fragrances that can be found, likes echoes of Sahara resonance, woven into the light textures of past-forward pieces, in track suits with stripes like those of colonial clothing, born from the same energy of the earth from which they take their tones, from sand to khaki to beige.